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China Macroeconomics Panel: 

Outlook for Sino-US economic and trade relations post COVID pandemic

Is there an end in sight of the Sino-US trade war?
How would it develop under the Biden administration?
Image by Li Yang
Chang-Tai Hsieh

Professor at UChicago Booth School of Business

Shan Huang

Deputy chief editor at Caixin Media, chief editor for Caixin’s international coverage

Christopher Smart

MD at Barrings,

Ex-Special Assistant to President Obama (National Security Council)


China Macroeconomics

Outlook for Sino- US Economic and Trade Relations Post COVID Pandemic


Challenge, Opportunity, and Innovation

Private Equity Capital 

Chinese PE investment opportunity under Post-Pandemic and Sino-US new normal


Opportunities and Transformation to

Post-Pandemic New Normal

Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital

Embracing the challenges and opportunities under the New Normal

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