Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Panel:

Embracing the challenges and opportunities
under the New Normal

What are some temporary and permanent changes in the industry?
What are some new exciting investment themes next?
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Steven Kaplan(Moderator)

Professor at UChicago Booth School of Business, Faculty Director at the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Mingming Huang.png
Mingming Huang

Founding Partner of Future Capital Discovery Fund

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Stella Zhou

Founding Partner of INCE Capital

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Ellen Ma

Managing Director of UpHonest Capital


China Macroeconomics

Outlook for Sino- US Economic and Trade Relations Post COVID Pandemic


Challenge, Opportunity, and Innovation

Private Equity Capital 

Chinese PE investment opportunity under Post-Pandemic and Sino-US new normal


Opportunities and Transformation to

Post-Pandemic New Normal

Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital

Embracing the challenges and opportunities under the New Normal